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Ashley Cowl

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Knit-A-Long NEW Ashley Lined

Blog Cowl

To celebrate the NEW BLOG this is a free pattern with your 4 balls of MaggiKnits Linen.

Can be made in any color linen we have in stock. One Size. Beads not included. Looks great on any age and can be worn ALL year round. It's a SIMPLE KNIT!!! Sophisticated but funky.......

We apologize for our technical difficulties. The MaggiKnits blog is strictly linked to Maggikintsretailgalleria where we will be featuring knit-a-longs and many other happenings. So get your needles and yarn ready to start clicking.

Hello everyone! We are so excited to have you join us in the Ashley Tassel Cowl knit-A-long. If you have not purchased the materials needed, no problem. CLICK HERE to purchase the Ashley Tassel Cowl at a FANTASTIC price of $40.00! 

Material you will need:

4x 50gm balls of Maggiknits Linen, of your choice 

1 Pair of 5mm/US 8 or 4.5mm/7US needles (check your gauge. With Linen wooden, bamboo, plastic are better as metal needles tend to be slippy )

1 crochet hook to pull tassels through

Approx. 23 variety beads-optional. ( Make sure bead has a hole large enough for linen ) (Not included)



Hi knitters.....here we go!!!

I have cast on my stitches and just finished my m.st. Now I'm ready to work st. st. in the centre sts and mark where the tassel will go. I might not wait to the end to do the tassels but might sneak them on before that....I never play by the rules.......darn...they are MY rules I am breaking...so the only person I will get into trouble with....is ME!!! LOL What stage are you at?

We welcome your comments and progress. Click below 'View Comments'; Then Join the Discussion; set up account with Disqus - name, email, password (No charge); You will get confirmation via email. Then post. Click into wee box with mountains in it to add photos - Let me know if you have any questions too.

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