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The very popular Maggiknits kits by renowned Irish designer Maggie Jackson.
Since Maggie trained as a fashion designer and did Ready To Wear for 25 years, she has experience in designing for all ages, sizes, and working color ways to suit you and your lifestyle. T
hese kits are an exciting way for you to choose a design in your own color way. All kits include coordinated yarns AND most kits have specially designed matching buttons or shawl pins. The patterns are constructed so you will never be bored; the stitches or yarns change often, always enticing you to complete the project. There is always back up support via email or through the office in Michigan if you need help with the pattern. Maggie's own custom yarn collection is a pleasure to knit with, coming from Ireland, England, Spain and Italy. When you wear it, as our customers have told us, you feel like a million dollars. Customers cannot believe how many times they have been stopped and admired their handiwork, feeling both accomplished and happy to have chosen Maggiknits.


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